Life Intolerance

Life Intolerance

Want to know what’s causing your food intolerance or allergy?

The only test using a few hair strands to test 1000 different items including foods, non-foods, nutrition, metal toxicity, gut biome & digestive enzymes showing a percentage reaction.

Without An Intolerance Test You Might NEVER Know The Truth About Your Condition!

All above-mentioned conditions plus skin rashes, constipation, and other irritable, uncomfortable, and embarrassing conditions.

Discovering your body’s intolerances couldn’t be easier.

Order the test and receive our instructions via email.

These instructions will guide you on how to take your sample and where to send it.

Within 7-10 days, you will receive a list of items you should avoid.
These will be foods we have classed as having an 85% or greater chance of being the problem food for you.
The list may be a few items or as many as 20.
This will give you a great head start for getting to the bottom of your pain.
Cut out these foods for six weeks, keep a food diary, and start your road to recovery.


Recommended for first-time testing – BEST BUY – Life Diamond – most comprehensive test that includes expanded Life Platinum test intolerance to 1000 components + Metal toxicity + Nutritional deficiencies + Gut Microbiome + Hormonal disbalance + Digestive enzyme disbalance.

Recommended for control testing – Life Standard test – all your previous intolerances plus most common intolerance causing components.


  • Life Standard Test – 100 EUR.
  • Life Gold test – 120 EUR.
  • Life Platinum Test – 140 EUR.
  • Life Diamond Test – 160 EUR

Ready to order?

Please download our Intolerance test instructions

Life Standard Intolerance

150 Food and 150 Non Food items


Life Gold

350 Food and 350 Non Food Items


Life Platium

Life Gold + Life preservatives test + Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency


Life Diamond test

Life Gold +Life Preservatives (E numbers) intolerances + Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency + Gut Microbiome + Hormonal disbalance + Metal toxicity


Wondering how the sample results look like?

Click on link below:

All you need to do!

Provide 9-10 hairs with root. Just put them in clean white paper and send them to us.
Your hair samples will be analyzed by scientists in state-of-the-art, accredited laboratory.
In less than three weeks your results will be sent to you on your e-mail.
Book your term for further genetic consultation and suggestion from our experts.

Need more information?

Download and read our booklet for intolerances and allergies.

Intolerance booklet – Help guide – DOWNLOAD

The only test precise enough to detect the exact plant types that make me trouble every spring!

— Lenka Janevska

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