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Sharing our reporting with your customers is a great way to expand your health and wellness offerings.

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Help Patients Become the Best Version of Themselves

Become a provider of G-Life tests to offer your patients the best genetic testing suited for their needs. We’re more than a lab, we are your genetic partner. For more information on becoming a provider contact us!

More options

Co-Branded Distribution Partners

Feature your brand with ours on common placements such as:

  • Display your company logo on our reports
  • Custom introduction letter with signature
  • Branded cover page and headers
  • Optional page inserts in reports
  • Add your company branding to DNA kits

White Label Distribution Partners

In this option, our branding will not be included on any placements.

  • Use your own DNA kits and packaging
  • Remove the Dynamic DNA brand and replace with yours
  • All elements of the “Co-branding Option” included

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