Diamine Oxidase Deficiency Histamine intolerance test

DAO deficiency

Histamine is a chemical responsible for a few major functions:

  • communicates messages to your brain;
  • triggers release of stomach acid to help digestion;
  • releases after injury or allergic reaction as part of your immune response;

When histamine levels get too high or when it can’t break down properly, it can affect your normal bodily functions.

Symptoms of hystamine intolerance

  • headaches or migraines
  • nasal congestion or sinus issues
  • fatigue
  • hives
  • digestive issues
  • irregular menstrual cycle
  • nausea
  • vomiting

In more severe cases of histamine intolerance, you may experience>:

  • abdominal cramping
  • tissue swelling
  • high blood pressure
  • irregular heart rate
  • anxiety
  • difficulty regulating body temperature
  • dizziness

What causes high histamine levels?

You naturally produce histamine along with the enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO). DAO is responsible for breaking down histamine that you take in from foods.

If you develop a DAO deficiency and are unable to break down histamine, you could develop an intolerance.

Some reasons your DAO enzyme levels could be affected include:

  • medications that block DAO functions or prevent production
  • gastrointestinal disorders, such as leaky gut syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease
  • histamine-rich foods that cause DAO enzymes to function improperly
  • foods that block DAO enzymes or trigger histamine release

Bacterial overgrowth is another contributing factor for developing a histamine intolerance. Bacteria grows when food isn’t digested properly, causing histamine overproduction. Normal levels of DAO enzymes can’t break down the increased levels of histamine in your body, causing a reaction.

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These instructions will guide you on how to take your sample and where to send it.

Within 15-20 days, you will receive our report together with a list of food to avoid and or list of foods to eat.

Description of the methodology

Using a saliva sample, the DNA is collected, which is then exposed to the analysis of gene variants of interest using the SNPE Multiplex (Single Nucleotide Primer Extension) and the subsequent analysis of fragments.

Genetic variants included in the test

SNP-type variants of the AOC1 gene, encoding the DAO / ABP1 protein, have been described for analysis since some of them are associated with a reduction in DAO activity.

AOC1rs10156191c.47C> T (p.Thr16Met)
rs1049742c.995C> T (p.Ser332Phe)
rs1049793c.1990C> G (p.His664Asp)
rs2052129c.-691G> T (promoter)


  • DAO Deficiency test – 150 EUR

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DAO deficiency

Gene AOC1: c.47C>T (rs10156191), c.995C>T (rs1049742), c.1990C>G (rs1049793)


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All you need to do!

Provide buccal swab. Simple collect epithelial cells from the inside of your cheek and arrange collection of the biological material.
Your DNA will be analyzed by scientists in state-of-the-art, accredited laboratory.
In less than three weeks your results will be sent to you on your e-mail.
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